Rubaiyat Kôshu Sur Lie 2011 - 72cl – 43.35 €
Gold Medal in the Japan Wine Competition 2012
Exclusive at Rob in Belgium !

Estate : Marufuji Winery
Appellation : Kôshu sur Lie
Grape : 100% Kôshu

The traditional Japanese Kôshu grape that goes back to the 8th century was first eaten as a table grape. It was only at the end of the 19th century when the Japanese imported the first wine making techniques from France that an abundant, but rather insipid wine was produced in the Katsunuma region. Since then European, Australian and New Zealand wine experts have shared their precious knowledge and the Kôshu grape today offers increasingly qualitative cuvées.
This ancient grape is trained over pergolas in order to prevent from rotting due the climate.
The Marufuji vineyard, one of the most famous domains in Japan, extends over almost one hectare and the annual production reaches approximately 150,000 bottles.
Its Rubaiyat Kôshu Sur Lie 2011, fermented between 18°C and 20°C in fibreglass vats is aged on lees for five months before being filtered and transferred into 38,000 bottles.

The ‘land of the rising sun’ offers us a dry white wine with a slightly racy initial flavour and fruity aromas, a lovely acidity and a soft finish with light notes of preserved fruit.

Food pairing : traditional Japanese cuisine (raw fish, shellfish, etc.)

Le Régal Le Loup Blanc - Minervois 2011 – 75cl – 11.10 €

Estate : Le Loup Blanc
Appellation : Minervois
Grapes : 10% Syrah – 50% Grenache – 40% Carignan

This domain comprises18 hectares made up of small plots where quality grapes are grown according to organic methods and where the setting is reflected to perfection in the expression and the harmony of the local wines that Alain Rochard, Nicolas Gaignon, Carine and Laurent Farre produce with passion.

The most natural vinification process possible, completely manual harvesting, mechanical weeding and no use of synthetic chemicals: it is Mother Nature whose word is law here – all the way from the field to the cellar. Because these wine producers, convinced that each tiny natural element has an impact on vinification, leave nothing to chance. They use biodynamic wine making techniques choosing the best times for carrying out any work on their plants and the soil that is very much alive – the two raw materials that guarantee their healthy and rich wines.

And the result is for all to taste. Le Régal is a blended wine from the domain. It is a velvety red wine that expresses all the complexity, mineral qualities and balance of the Loup Blanc region. The juicy, dense and nervous flesh creates a deep flavour with the freshness of fruit and a hint of liquorice.

An excellent wine to share in the spirit of its creators : pleasure, simplicity, conviviality and contentedness.

Food pairing : chicken tagine with spices, almonds and prunes

Sicilia Nero d’Avola Kerasos Valdibella 2012 – 75cl – 11.85 €

Estate : Valdibella (Sicily)
Appellation : Sicilia Nero d’Avola
Grape : 100% Nero D’Avola

Valdibella : a domain, a unique project, exceptional ethics and a sales approach that is completely new to Sicily.

This cooperative that is located in an agricultural region in the Camporeale in the west of Sicily, has more than one distinguishing feature about it.
This cooperative of farmers (with a history of ‘compagnonnage’ - the practice and teaching of certain ancient craft techniques) takes a middle way between tradition - because this is what makes a region unique, and innovation - because it is important to maintain a pioneering spirit and be on the constant lookout for ways to improve. The farmers use 100% organic farming techniques to put in and get the best value out of the soil and they also concentrate in the main on local grapes.

The vines are grown in beaker shapes or espaliered. They have a low output and grow on grass, they are fed green manure, undergo green pruning techniques and are harvested by hand then transported to the cellar in crates of maximum 15 kilos, all of which have a considerably positive impact on the intrinsic quality of the product.

This environmentally-friendly approach that respects natural resources goes hand in hand with a human and social dimension: on the one hand respect for individuals by helping young people with problems and on the other by taking a stand against the infamous mafia by joining in the courageous ‘AddioPizzo’ movement that refuses to kowtow to the compulsory local racket. A stance that is announced loud and clear on the labels of all its products.

A host of good reasons to try these natural wines that have been kissed by the warm island sun. The Kerasos cuvée comes from two different vineyards the characteristics of which are reflected in the wine and the end result is a warm, supple wine with a clear presence of acidity and tannins that are also refined and extremely pleasant at the finish.

Food pairing: grilled lamb, rib-eye steak. Also very good with duck.