Three weekends to get you into the festive spirit at our oyster bar dedicated to the Ostra!

Do you know the Ostra? This pearl of Portugal is none other than the "Princess of Setubal": a special hollow oyster farmed in a natural environment with respect for ancestral traditional know-how. Indulge in this refined pleasure at a special price over the weekends of 25 & 26/11, 02 & 03/12 and 09 & 10/12, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at our outside stall set up near the store entrance. For a marriage made in heaven, the white wine served by the glass has been carefully selected by our cellar manager Jérémie Claes.

What makes the Ostra oysters so special? Firstly, their origin and, secondly, their farming methods. Farmed at the heart of the exclusive nature reserve of the Sado estuary, rich in phytoplankton, they benefit early on from optimal growth in low yield bags. They then continue their development in the Algarve and again thrive on the best nutrients. For the final refining that will give them their unique character, the Ostra are returned to the nature reserve.

This process, which extends over more than 3 years, is the fruit of a family tradition perpetuated for three generations with passion and rigour, in a constant quest for excellence. The oysters are processed manually and then selected and checked one by one. This is what guarantees the quality and inimitable flavour of this extraordinary oyster.

A fleshy and delicate oyster, the "Princess of Setubal" boasts a deliciously refreshing iodine flavour with a long finish.

It is thanks to their consistent quality and unique flavour that the special Ostra oysters are considered to be among the best in Portugal. That is also why they are selected by prestigious Belgian chefs, and why Jean-François Janne and his team of fishmongers are so pleased to invite you to try them for yourselves and give you a wonderful foretaste of the festive season.